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“I came up with Lace Applique Strapless Wedding Dress for my wedding, and that's the most brilliant idea I have ever done. The material does not make me sweat at all, I can comfortably drink and dance all night without getting worried it's going to be wrecked at all.”

Hailey - Officer

“I bought Lace Applique Strapless Wedding Dress for my mom and she loved it so much. She said its one of the best piece so far for her anniversary, which she would love to wear it all again for the next anniversary if she is still can maintain her weight lol.”

Caitlyn - Marketer

“My friend suggested this place to me and it was so hard to choose an outfit for me but the customer support was so kindly with me on the virtual consultation and I have decided the perfect Lace Applique Strapless Wedding Dress for me and it fits me just so well. Loving it!”

Kate - Designer