Ai & Eva is an online jewelry store based in Atlanta, Georgia. The name comes from AI & Eva Dixie the late great grandparents of owner Patrice Morgan. The Dixies just had the chemistry that no science teacher could figure out, yet what Disney would dream of when they wrote every fairly-tale movie. They married in the early 1920's and stay married for 75 plus years until A.I's death in 2007. Their bond was special to our family. Their values, faith and love really connected well within others in the community. It means a lot for US to share what they shared to their brothers, sisters, daughters, sons, and grandkids.

I started this company based off experience in 2019. At the time I was a newly engaged bride with a need, I was looking for wedding accessories for myself and my 7 bridesmaids. I wanted something stylish and luxurious without the regret the day after I jumped the broom. BOC/brides want fashion forward accessories without breaking the bank and going to different stores. It also helps that I provide this need for each event along the way (engagement, shower, bachelorette, wedding day, honeymoon and anniversary).